Let us bring your vision to life, before you could have a website, but now its about making your website do work for you. Offering you more than the average and adapting to what you require. We are not limited to what you see here, if you need a new feature, we will learn and create it for you.


We believe in simplicity, getting work done, and improving clients’ experience online. We just have a few options designed to help you more easily choose what you require.

We manage everything you need online. From Google Ads, Yahoo Searches, Bing, Yandex, Yelp, Google MyBusiness, iOS, Marketing Videos and more. We have packages pre-designed to help grow your business.

What is it that you do?

Everything Digital! Lets list a few things here:

  1. Your Website
  2. Your Products
  3. Your Online Videos
  4. Your Online Marketing tools (Ads, Products Uploads on Takealot – Amazon – OLX and more
  5. Product Images
  6. Product Videos
  7. Explainers
  8. Content Upload
  9. Design

And a lot more, we can’t even list it here.

How much does it cost?

Simple, 3 packages suited to development of your company.

Basic – R 1500 pm (You get 6 hours of whatever you need from flyers, google ads management, website management)

Medium – R 2500 pm (You get unlimited uploads to the website, content management, video creation from content supplied)

Large – R 3500 pm (We help with custom content creation and more videos)

Do I have to sign any contract?

No you do not, you pay month to month, do not need us, just stop paying it will cancel automatically. You receive all the work we do during the month, all vectorized files, image files and anything we do, it does not include raw video files though.

Just need something quickly and do not want any monthly service? Then this is ideal for you. Lets see how it works:


We run specials on graphics from time to time so you can view it on our menu. Sometimes you can get a graphic item for R 50.

Our standard rate is R 350 per hour.

Other items are set, from flyers at R 350 to menu’s and books for R 3500.

Video Graphics

Video graphics start from R 750 for a simple explainer to R 4500 if you need voice overs etc. It will depend on what you require and how complex you wish to go, from hiring super star celebs to newcomers, we help you get the perfect image.

Our standard rate is R 450 per hour.

Other video items are set from R 750.


Our standard website is R 2500 once off which includes 5 pages we design for you and the setup of your own CMS system. If you require a more functional website like a school system, ordering system, multi functional website it starts from R 4500 once off.

To update your website we charge R 150 for under an hour and R 250 an hour thereafter.

Other Services

We manage all your online needs from R 250 per item. Get in touch with us today to get the best out of your website or if you need a graphical item.

Still have a question?

WhatsApp us by clicking the link somewhere on this page…