Tweak Your WordPress Settings

Good day, just some tips on improving your wordpress site to load quicker. Depending on what you are running you might want to ignore these as well. For example a constantly changing and updated E-commerce website, if you change pricing regularly on the same products, then these will not do.

First, optimize your CSS. Take the remaining enqueued CSS files, minify them and load them from the cache.
You can also skip some files that you change often that might lead to your page loading differently.

Combine your loaded CSS Stylesheets into fewer files.

Inline Javascript files: This is usually good for small JavaScript files to save the overhead of fetching them and thus reduce the number of HTTP requests. You can choose automatic inlining for JS files smaller than a specific size (in KB) or manually place the relative paths to the files (e.g. in case there is an exception for a larger file you wish to inline or just don’t want to use the automatic inlining).

Move jQuery Inline Code After jQuery library is called. Useful in case plugins/themes insert jQuery inline code in the post/page content (e.g. via shortcodes) or inside the HEAD section before jQuery library is called.

  • Defer CSS Loaded in the <BODY> (Footer).
  • Cache Dynamic Loaded CSS.
  • Cache Dynamic Loaded JavaScript.

If you’re using a CDN enabled through your hosting company or by another party plugin, the external URL is not always recognisable by Asset CleanUp and it’s considered an external URL unconnected to your website’s CSS/JS files. To fix, this, please put the CDN’s CNAME/URL in the inputs below to make sure the files are detected as local files and optimized accordingly.

Here are some options to disable:

  • Disable Emojis Site-Wide
  • Disable oEmbed (Embeds) Site-Wide
  • Disable Dashicons Site-Wide For Guests
  • Remove “Really Simple Discovery (RSD)” link tag
  • Remove “Windows Live Writer” link tag
  • Remove “REST API” link tag
  • Remove Pages/Posts “Shortlink” tag
  • Remove “WordPress version” meta tag
  • Remove All “generator” meta tags
  • Remove Main RSS Feed Link

These should get you to an A rating, to get A+ you will need to strip the site of most of the code that you do not use. Which may lead to some functions not working so it is a trial and error thing.

Best is to get a plugin that will handle the above. Or just strip it in the Editor. There are many plugins available but some are not recommended by your service provider as these tools are already installed on your CPanel or Konsol or other. So make sure you check which ones work, as one that is meant to speed up your website might actually slow it down.

To test website speeds we use: – paid but most of the good stuff is free.

Thank you. Have a great day!