Do you want to grow your business?

Let our system learn your business and adapt to online techniques.

We collect data, sort that data, and report it back to you.


Company Review

We take a look at what you currently have

Very simple, we look at what you doing, what you have done, how you have done it.

What do you want to achieve

Next we have a look at what you want to achieve, which areas you want to improve and how we are going to get there.

Customer Experience


One of the most important areas, how do you advertise to get more business. And what media can we use to help you grow from Google Ads, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn adverts, Duck Duck Go searches and more.

Customer Offering

We review how and what you offer to clients that is free. This is important and will separate you from the competition. Advice, E-Books, Videos can all generate customer loyalty.

Better Experience

We will create more professional adverts and other media to save you time, money and more importantly create a bond with your clients.

Building Brand Excitement

Why choose you?

Create a unique identity online. A professional layout, modern and clean. People today have a wide range of options out there, make sure they are excited about you! Make sure they love working with and buying from you.


Make customers look forward to interacting with you. Make them excited about your next email with tools they can use in practical applications related to your business. If you sell a product, show them how to use it more efficiently, if you sell a service, show them how it benefits them. Videos, Graphics, Layouts.

Customer Engagement

Coming in for a Landing

Depending on your advertising requirements, different adverts will require customers to go to specific pages from a campaign, to make sure they get what was advertised. Our system has unlimited pages that can be used to target specific clients.

Blogs - Vlogs - Content

Leaving websites static is not cool, we help with content creation, ideas and the implementation of those ideas.

Visual Info

Make your company graphics great again, show different infographics, different colours, engage with clients and let them see the creative half of your company.

Customer Subscription

Interacting with your website

Newsletter systems, Artificial Intelligent Chat Bots, Ticket systems and CMS integrated systems to help customers interact with your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email Content

We help with creating content every week so you can help clients get more information about your company.

Customer Converting

Tools to help

Why do the work manually when you can have an automated system to help reduce workload, reduce time you spend with clients but maintain the interaction.

Free Content

Give customers something in return for them interacting with your company. Questionnaires, online surveys, tips and tricks, industry related news. One thing that sets you apart from the competition.

Customer Analytics

Constant Study

We constantly collect customer data for you. Every interaction with the website, with google, with your products we record and study it giving you constant real time stats.


Adapt and change to your customers needs with statistics and analytics.

Watch the VIDEO

Templates like this are available when you use KR Design or get them on Videohive.

When you choose us, we do the layout, the graphics, the implementation.


Simple, packages suited to development of your company. Every plan comes with core maintenance, unlimited add-ons and plugins, and making sure the system is 100% operational with 99,9% uptime.

Webployee Starter

1 on site visit per month, adaptive content and we handle your growth. 5% commission on sales we do online.

  • All your products uploaded
  • Online Advertising Management
  • Unlimited System Features
  • Content Management and more!
  • 5 Graphic Items per month

R 1 500 / per month

Start now

Webployee Beyond

4 on site visits per month, adaptive content and we handle your growth. 3% commission on sales we do online.

  • All your online graphics
  • Online Advertising Management
  • Unlimited System Features
  • 12 Graphic Items per month
  • 2 Videos per month

R 2 500 / per month

Start now

We create and manage!

Including on site visits weekly and unlimited picture / unlimited video content help. 1% commission on sales we do online.

  • Pictures of products
  • Personalized content creation
  • Advertising on Google and other platforms
  • Guaranteed growth
  • Mobile App

R 4 500 / per month

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